NEW: kissdx Control Center for Windows

what it is

kissdx is a PC-Link clone for KiSS media players, based for the most part on kissd (which it now replaces), with added features for media playback, management, flexibility and more.

what to get

0.13.10a (stable)
0.14.0.b1a (beta)
Media playback
Other niceties

how to get started

kissdx comes pre-compiled for Linux Optware targets and Windows, and can be compiled from source on other platforms.

Refer to the User Manual to get kissdx installed and configured on your platform. On Optware it's as simple as ipkg install kissdx.

When upgrading, check the Migration Guide.

what is new

The latest kissdx is version 0.14.0 (beta 1a), released 2007-10-31. Latest changes below. See changelog for full history.

what is cooking

The following features are planned for the next release:

Further ahead:

what else

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